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OCON Therapeutics Secures $10M in Funding to Revolutionize Women’s Health with Advanced Drug Delivery Solutions

June 24, 2024


Femtech Insider

OCON Therapeutics has been awarded the 2024 Seal of Excellence from the EU Commission – recognizing top-tier innovative ideas worthy of investment – for its IUB® Platform’s innovative nature and potential to drive meaningful change for women and families in the EU and globally.

April 3, 2024


EU Commission

OCON Therapeutics contributed to the World Economic Forum and McKinsey Health Institute’s report, “Closing the Women’s Health Gap: A $1 Trillion Opportunity to Improve Lives and Economies.”

January 17, 2024


World Economic Forum

OCON Therapeutics has reached its recruitment goal of its Phase IIb clinical study evaluating the revolutionary IUB® SEAD®, a non-invasive treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding affecting 1 in 3 women

March 24, 2023