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IUB® Ballerine®

Intra Uterine Ball non hormonal Contraceptive.

The IUB® Ballerine® is a long-term birth control method that requires no hormones and is effective for up to 5 years. The IUB® Ballerine® works along the same principle as other copper intrauterine devices to prevent pregnancy locally – within the uterus.
The IUB® Ballerine® is one third the size of traditional T-shape intrauterine devices and can be easily inserted and removed for up to 5 years. The efficacy of the IUB® Ballerine® is over 99%1 in pregnancy prevention, demonstrates a higher safety profile due to dramatically fewer ectopic pregnancies.


Spherical Endometrial Ablation Device.

IUB® SEAD® is an innovative, non-hormonal treatment paradigm for women suffering from abnormal uterine bleeding and/or heavy menstrual bleeding, a problem affecting 1 of 5 women globally. 
IUB® SEAD® is a market game changer through simplicity, cost effectiveness and new and innovative yet gentle “substance-derived ablation” technology moving away from harmful hormones or debilitating and aggressive procedures and even hysterectomies.


OCON has recently begun developing a new product, IUB® PRIMA®, which will enable sustained release of a variety of drugs in the uterus over a fixed and defined period of time to target therapy areas such as endometriosis (1 in 10 women), myomas / uterine fibroids (7 to 8 in 10 women), heavy menstrual bleeding (1 in 4 women) and other areas like menopause – delivered directly through the uterus moving away from systemic side effects

   1 ongoing vigilance reporting for IUB™ Ballerine, OCON Medical Ltd.