IUB® PRIMA® is our first application and proof of concept for our controlled release drug-delivery platform to target therapy areas such as endometriosis (1 in 10 women), myomas / uterine fibroids (7 to 8 in 10 women), heavy menstrual bleeding (1 in 4 women) and other areas like menopause, delivered directly through the uterus moving away from systemic side effects.


Women are more often burdened by chronic conditions such as uterine disorders, currently treated by oral/parenteral drugs with an array of systemic side effects or by invasive, irreversible, and high cost surgery procedures.

The only hormonal IUD (and its slightly different variants) available today are targeting only one of the uterine disorders (abnormal uterine bleeding + contraception) and is based on a rigid, plastic T-shape frame that does not fit the uterine cavity causing multiple side effects and safety issues affecting women’s quality of life. We have developed the first & only 3D uterine drug-delivery platform based on our disruptive, proprietary IntraUterine Ball (IUB) frame. The patented IUB frame carries drug-eluting beads for local targeted delivery and is small to ideally fit the 3D uterine cavity to prevent malposition and perforations.

OCON’s unique low-dose drug-delivery platform will be a game-changing in-office treatment for various uterine disorders, with the IUB® PRIMA® controlled-releasing the drug ‘levonorgestrel’ into the uterine cavity for abnormal uterine bleeding and contraception, serving as a proof-of-concept for future treatments of different drugs for endometriosis and fibroids, where there is NO targeted intrauterine solution available today and the oral formulations are causing harmful side effects including liver damage.


  • Enhanced Safety: Reduces perforation risk & ectopic pregnancies
  • Minimizing Systemic Side Effects: Through targeted delivery directly at the target tissue
  • Offering a new uterine-delivery mechanism of well-established oral drugs